Financial abundance. Isn’t it a dream of every person? You are lucky if you already have it or do a job which, one day, can help you to attain it. What to do the rest of us who feel stuck in our 9 to 5 jobs which are limited not only with salaries but also with free time they allow for other things? A blessing that, in the days of the Internet, there are additional ways of making an income. If you want to experience more of life than just coping with essentials, online side hustle ideas are at your service. They can help to add to your pockets ensuring a better financial stability. Another bonus of a side hustle is that you can fill it in your free time from a regular job. For your attention, 15 best online side hustle ideas that will help you in making extra money.

1. Freelancing.

The best thing about freelancing is that it allows you to control how much you work in your spare time. There are plenty of online platforms which offer opportunities for freelance writers, editors, designers, and other specialists. Check these sites out:

If you are interested in becoming a freelancer, LinkedIn is another resource that can help you with promoting yourself and depicting your freelance experience


2. Selling Your Knowledge Through Videos, Blogs, eBooks, eCourses, Tutorials.

If you have knowledge about a specific field, you may be interested in sharing it online with others.

  • YouTube is a huge platform on which millions of people connect through talking about different subjects and presenting information in a video format. There are ways of monetizing videos with advertisements and the number of views/likes.
  • A blog is another way of making money online. Write about things that are interesting to others and develop your audience. You can also sell your own products related to your topic through the blog.
  • Writing eBooks, eCourses can also bring additional money. You can publish your books on Amazon, which allows attracting a big audience to your products. If you know that people will like what you are writing about, eBooks can make you not only a successful but also a wealthy author. Make sure you complete your writings with precise editing and appealing covers!
  • Tutorials is another way of shaping your knowledge into a saleable product. They can be in a form of videos which you add on your site or YouTube channel.


3. Selling Used Stuff.

Apart from Amazon and eBay, that are rooted in their popularity, there are many other websites which allow selling goods online. You can earn some money while also cleaning your home from old books, CDs, digital devices, clothes, etc. Here are some sites:

4. Becoming an Affiliate Marketer.

If making money from your own website seems appealing to you, there is one more great thing to it. When there are many people visiting your site, you can become an affiliate marketer to products related to your topic. Put simply, you advertise them in your articles, so your readers buy them, and you receive a commission from every sale. You can promote goods that are in tune with your topic not only through your website but also through YouTube videos and other social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.). Learn about steps of becoming an affiliate marketer: Afiliate Marketer Training

5. Participating in Online Surveys.

If you can express your ideas vividly and excitingly, why not share your opinions for money? The best thing about this online side hustle idea is that you can do it in traffic, while watching TV, during a coffee break, etc. For example, the website Opinion Outpost proposes users to earn Amazon gift cards for sharing their viewpoints.

6. Becoming a Virtual Assistant.

If you dream about working from home but still directly communicating with other people, a job of a virtual assistant may be for you. Find your subject, build a site around it, and promote yourself online to find potential clients. Also, there are many courses available on the web that teach principles of a virtual assistance.

7. Becoming an Online Teacher/Tutor.

If you don’t mind talking with people on Skype and you have good knowledge of English or any other language/field, teaching people through the Internet may be your online side hustle idea. There are websites, such as Udemy, that specialize in online tutoring. You can also promote yourself through social media sites.

8. Reading for Money.

If you enjoy reading, you can make some money doing it! For example, there are many proofreading tasks on Upwork.

9. Selling Photos.

If you like taking photos and possess a good camera, why not consider selling your images online? Check out these sites:

If you don’t take photos but draw images as a web designer, you may also sell them in a similar way.

10. Becoming a Social Media Marketing Businessman.

In the days of social media popularity, marketing on these platforms is a new type of business. Again, as with the website, you can use social media to work as an affiliate marketer. At the same time, you can also become an influencer. This allows you to promote your own products and get promotions from other brands. Some of them may send you their samples for free, so you can advertise them on your social media platform. The key to success is the big number of followers. The bigger it is the more opportunities become available for you. When people trust you, they will buy what you sell or promote.

11. Testing New Products for Money.

If you don’t feel like participating in online surveys, there is another option for you. It comes down to testing new products such as apps or websites. All you need to do is to try out a new digital creation and tell your opinion to the company who made it. Obviously, for a payment. Check out these sites that provide this online side hustle ideas:

12. Doing Transcriptions for Money.

This online hustle opportunity may appear more serious than creative. In many cases, medical or law agencies need transcriptionists to record information about their clients, appointments, and interviews. The good news is that doing this side hustle, you can work online, from home, or any other place that has an access to the Internet. Use Google or mentioned earlier Upwork to find online transcription opportunities for yourself.

13. Developing Websites.

If you have knowledge and interest in web design, why not creating websites for businesses? You can start with creating your own site and proposing your services there.

14. Designing Applications.

Apart from creating websites, you can also develop apps for iStore or Google Play. For example, fitness applications or planners. They can be free or fee-based, but the thing is that you get paid when people download your app. There are many online courses right now that teach how to make mobile apps from scratch. If you are interested, check out this site to learn more about it BiznessApps

15. Becoming a Personal Trainer.

Are you a person who can’t live without exercising? No matter what your favorite workouts are about, you can share your knowledge with others and, maybe, even inspire them to become more fit. This online side hustle correlates with many others listed above. You can start your personal training career by creating your website, social media platforms, and YouTube channel where you can present yourself. Bluntly, you need to become a fitness influencer known for many people who will then want to buy your personal training service. Difficult though it might sound, if you are passionate about an active lifestyle, why not to make some money from it as well?

As you see, there are plenty of opportunities for side hustle that can bring you closer to your financial abundance. Apart from the best 15 that were listed, there is hardly a shortage of ideas to make more money online. Be creative, brave, and open-minded to find what works best for your time and income. What are the goals you want to accomplish with the extra money you will earn using one of the 15 best online side hustle ideas that pay?



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